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What advantages will I have if I rent or buy your software?

We have been in the market since 2012! All programs were developed by our team and they are always receiving new updates to adapt to market demands.

In addition, we also offer:
– Free additional license for another computer;
– Unlimited technical support (more details here);
– Customization of the programs according to the market’s needs (subject to approval);
– Access to a portal where we provide quote requests for your region, as we advertise our services worldwide;

I’ve purchased a software from another company and it failed during an event. How would it be with yours?

Currently, all our programs are very stable and we have a very strict update control process, in order to prevent releasing unstables versions to the market.

For each license (activation key) purchased, we offer an additional license. This allows you to keep a backup machine, to be used in case of unforeseen events (which can originate from power outages, unexpected shutdowns of the operating system or various other software or hardware mishaps).

Does the demo version work without internet?

No. An internet connection is required to use it. In the licensed version, there’s no such limitation.

My program has stopped working or does not open. What do I do?

The first step is to try to reinstall it. This generally solves almost 100% of cases. If it still doesn’t work, contact us.

I’d like to update my program to the latest version. How to do?

If you have any upcoming event, don’t do it! Imagine that some features in the newer version may have changed and you will need to familiarize yourself with them. If this is not the case, go ahead and first write down your general and print settings for use after installing the new program. Then there is no need to remove the old program, just download the newe version from the Downloads section and install it. Events created before installing the new program may not work. In this case, try to create new events.

What printers does the software support?

Any printer that prints in the most popular sizes will be compatible with our programs:

4×6 inches = 10×15 cm = A6
2×6 inches = 5×15 cm = comic strips
6×8 inches = 15×20 cm
7×5 inches = 18×13 cm

See printer tips here.

I’ve purchased a lifetime license but had to format my computer. Will I lose the license?

No. Get in touch with us and we will deactivate your old license and generate a new one. If you have purchased the software no more than one year ago, there is no additional cost for that. Otherwise, see the question below.

Am I entitled to receive any system updates and technical support in the future?

For customers who rent the software, yes. For those who purchased the unlimited license, updates will be limited to a period of 1 year. After that, a fee will be charged to customers who wish to continue receiving updates and support in using the software.

Can I install the software on multiple computers?

Yes, when purchasing or renting 1 license, you will be entitled to another one free of charge, in which case you can use it on up to 2 computers.

What is the recommended computer configuration?

It depends on whether you intend to use a webcam or a DSLR camera. Although we have several clients running on lower configurations, we recommend at least a computer with an Intel Core i3 processor + 2GB of RAM. More details here.

My demo deadline is over but I still want to test the software. What do I do?

Not a problem. Contact us and we will give you more time for you to better evaluate the program.

I’d like to rent the software. Do I have to pay every week/fortnight/month for the license again?

No. This is a “pay-as-you-go”. You can rent as per your need. If at any time you don’t have any upcoming events, you don’t have to pay for the rental again.

Magic Mirror Software

Can I add my own animations?

Yes, as long as they are in video format (.avi, .mp4 for example). However in the trial mode this is not possible.

Can I define which animations will appear according to the type of event?

Sure! However in the trial mode this is not possible.

I’ve downloaded and installed the program, but it remains for a long time on the screen that shows a rotating cube.

Close the program and before opening it, right-click on it > Run as administrator.

Software for Photo Booths/Tower Booth

The countdown is too slow. Why is that?

Your computer may not be meeting the minimum software requirements, but you can still try to work around it, as follows: go to Settings > General > Webcam Resolution and change it to a lower resolution.

I’m using the Professional version and at the end of the session, the printing takes a while to start. Why?

Try lowering your camera’s resolution or decreasing the size of the background image used. In most cases, this is the main reason.

I’m struggling to use my DSLR/Powershot camera!

Check these items:

  • Camera is plugged in to the usb port and it is showing up in Windows
  • The battery has enough power
  • There is a memory card inserted
  • Camera is in JPEG mode (not RAW)

If you have already checked all items above, make sure your camera is in the list of compatible cameras for the desired program.

If you still have issues, please contact us and we will try to troubleshoot it.

I’m getting the error “Method not implemented”

Make sure there is no memory card inserted in your computer/notebook, only to your DSLR camera.

Software for Instagram Hashtag

Can I run it in parallel with other software?

Yes, using the Automatic operating mode. It is possible to run both at the same time and use only one printer to print all the photos.

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