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Customer Service & Technical Support

Our service and technical support is intended to provide general information on using our programs – we do not offer training. We provide service through different channels:

  • Online chat
  • Whatsapp
  • Email

We aim to respond all enquiries as quick as possible however please allow us 24 hours to do so. If things get busier than usual, bear with us, we are still there for you.

License keys sending

The turnaround time for the sending is up to 24 hours. However in most cases we are able to release much before that.

Last minute event? If you need any urgency, please get in touch and we will make the best effort to prioritise your request!

Request x Response

Once you get in touch with us, make sure you provide all the relevant details, so to help us with an accurate and fast response.

Think about the difference between the following: “I need help” versus “I need help, my software is crashing after taking the first photo”.

In the first scenario, it is likely that we will spend more time to get to the bottom of the issue, while in the second, things already look quite clear and it is very likely that we will respond to it with a number of solutions.

New Customers

If that is your case, we strongly advise you to try our 15-days free version before making a purchase. This will allow you to get familiar with every aspects our software, meaning that any doubts that may arise, if not answered by our tutorials, will be answered by our team, even before your first purchase.

In a nutshell, our advice is to try out the software, set everything up ahead of the event and make sure it will perform everything you need it to.

Once you feel comfortable with it, go ahead and purchase a license.